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Funeral and Sympathy Flowers

I've always struggled with promoting myself as a funeral flower florist, I guess I just didn't like to see people upset and when I ran my flower shop in Warrington, I saw it alot.

Then I figured out that actually, I could allow the grieving process to be just a tiny bit easier as I spent a bit of time and a bit of thought with the person ordering the flowers, getting to know a little bit more about the person who had died, what colours they liked or types of flowers.

I recently provided flowers for a young girl that had passed away due to a battle with cancer and as I sat down with her Aunty I was told that 'the others were just matter of fact and sounded like they wanted to get off the phone.'

I may not be a huge florist with hundreds of orders, but I like to think that the personal touch and thought that goes into all of my arrangements means that that person has flowers that they wanted, that is more important to me.