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Why are Valentine Flowers so expensive?

Whether you are a budding Valentino or a Valentine naysayer - I would like to demystify why flowers are so expensive at this time of year. As a florist, I also find it shocking how much they increase in price and slightly embarrassed that I have to pass this cost on to my clients. 

However, there is a simple explanation. 

Flowers are bought by wholesalers at auction, when there is a popular holiday or occasion, the cost of the flowers go up due to high demand. Wholesalers will usually release a price list prior to the big day with pre-order costs on, this is great if you are a well established florist shop with lots of passing trade. If like me you are a freelance florist, this can be harder to judge and so we need to account for any wastage that may be created (and therefore decrease in profit). For example, red roses can go up by 50% for high grade quality roses, and who doesn't want high grade? 

So, next time you buy some flowers for a loved one, do try and use your local florist rather than a supermarket, if only for the time and skill that has gone into making that bouquet and knowing that you are supporting a local business.